Dear Owners,

Given the characteristics of COVID-19, following the approval of Royal Decree 463/2020 of March 14 declaring the state of alarm and the College of Chartered Community Administrators of Málaga and Melilla recommendations, included in the aforementioned RD 463/2020, specifically for Communities and Residential Urbanizations; We are applying the following measures in the Community:
• Appropriate instructions have been given to all staff to clean frequently and with disinfecting products in addition to the usual cleaning products, especially doorknobs, electrical switches, railings and handrails, exterior of mailboxes, door entry keypad and elevator, as well as meters.
• All external companies and own staff are following the necessary protection measures (frequent hand washing, use of gloves, masks and protection distance).
• We are all carrying our basic tasks in the early hours of the day and carrying out rounds only when necessary.
• We advise to use the elevator only if necessary, recommending the use of stairs.  If the elevator is used, no more than one user at a time, due to proximity issues
and use protection to press the buttons.
• We have closed all public spaces following the prohibition of use as stated in the RD 463/2020: all facilities in Block 5, garden area, benches and recreational areas, as it is obligatory to stay home.

We also strongly advice:
• Since the virus can remain for hours on asphalt and floors, it is recommendedto use the same shoes to go outside and, when you get home, leave them at the entrance to avoid spreading it indoors.

If you order take away deliveries, when handling bills and coins wash their
hands immediately.
• The best antiseptic is soapy water, recommended in domestic areas. Disinfectant gel is recommended in healthcare or public centres.
• If a neighbour’s pet is touched or petted, immediately wash hands, even if it is not defined to be transmitted from animals.

For any case of isolation in Spain due to illness, the free telephone number is 900877037.
The Andalusian Government has set up a free information phone number, 900400061.

We would like to truly thank you for your implementing these measures and staying home, so we can all protect ourselves and families in the Community


Victoria Payo


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